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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

30 and loving it!

I turned 30 over the weekend! It was great. My daughter gave me the gift of SLEEP :) She didn't wake up until 7am, rather then her usual 5:30-6:30am. Then we brought her to our bed were we cuddled for an hour. It was so wonderful!

Keith made me waffles and turkey bacon and he gave me my present! a NOOK! woot! I am so not a gadgety person. I am usually so practical but not this time. I guess I figured, What the heck I'm turning 30 and I can't drink so I might as well splurge. :) Splurge I did!! Not only did I get the nook but DH got me the Nook color. It has wifi and all the cool stuff. I love it!

Then we dropped my daughter off at the IL's while we had a shopping date and went to a restaurant. The restaurant was suppose to be a good one but Keith and I decided it just not our style.
Maybe when the kids are bigger and we want to go out for a nice happy hour. It was a little snooty for me. People were...DRESSED UP! WTF. I never dress up. Actually, I hate dressing up LOL. The waiter was nice enough but I just didn't "feel" it ya know. I think my problem is that Keith and I were looking for romantic. It just wasn't "us". The appetizers were amazing! We had clam chowder and some sushi rolls. (shhhhh) For dinner we both ordered the salmon. I got the special and Keith got the one on the menu. I actually had to send mine back. :( I NEVER send things back. It was just gross! they had WAY to much spices on the salmon and the puree wasn't even pureed. It was like baby food :( If the look wasn't bad enough it just didn't taste good :(

Due to my pregnant status that just ruined my appetite. So I didn't order anything else. Dh enjoyed his although we both agreed it was a little too rich. So we wont be going back there for dinner. What can I say it was an experience. LOL.

I enjoyed every minute of it too. Well except when I wanted to throw up. LOL

Nanie was so excited to see us when we went to pick her up. It made my night. Normally she wants to stay with Grandma but that night she must have known it was mommy's b-day.

Anyway, who says 30 is a bad thing? Not me cuz so far, I'm loving it!

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's been a while

And there is a good reason. I don't like to talk about fluff much. I just want to write what I feel and there was something going on in my life that I wasn't prepared to share with the blog world. So rather then talk around it, I just stopped blogging. I wanted to write about it so bad that I had to stop checking the blogs that I follow so I wouldn't be tempted to post about it. Low and behold I finally log onto my google reader to find 197 new blog posts. Let's just say I scanned them LOL. Except for rssnlvr because I love the way she writes.

Ok, can you tell I'm stalling?? What I've been avoiding telling you my blog readers is that Keith and I are expecting a new little one. Yes, I am super excited. Yes, we were trying. The reason I was keeping it from you all was because I wasn't sure if God was going to let me keep him/her. I started to spot from the get go. Last week on Mon. 12/6 I passed two small bright red clots and I freaked out. Called my Dr. Crying and all. They got me in for an U/S and so far everything looks great! I continued to spot for a few days after. Today marks 7 days of no blood. ::crosses fingers::

We told our parents right away, like the day after we got our first positive pregnancy test. Why, you ask? Two reasons; One, because we were headed to Palm Springs with DH's family and lets just say I'm not a lush but I'm know for enjoying myself with a few adult beverages. So rather then come up with new lies we just blurted the news out. Two, before I was pregnant with my beautiful Nanie we were pregnant and we lost it :(. We didn't tell anyone and I ended up breaking down a couple times out of no where. I was trying not to grieve outwardly because we didn't want anyone to know and it hurt so much more. So just in case I did loose this one, I wanted a ton of support.

It was the best decision ever. Going through this spotting has been scary and It's so nice to be able to talk to my mom about it. Keith wasn't able to come to the u/s with me when I thought I might have miscarried. So I called my mom and she left work to come be with me. It was just what I needed. The second best thing in the world. It was also nice to celebrate with her when all was fine.

I am about 10 weeks maybe a little less. I have an appointment on the 15th for another ultra sound. We are are excited and I'm just praying my baby is still alive and well.

I haven't announced on FB but I have mentioned not being able to drink in a couple responses. I'm not keeping it from anyone we are just not shouting from the rooftops until 2nd trimester. So please keep my little one in your prayers.

Oh yea, I can't forget to tell you about Nanie. She is wonderful!! She is a walker now. which means she walks more then she crawls or does her knee walk. I need to get that on video before she stops doing it. She is wonderful but will need tubs in her ears at one point. We are holding off unless things get bad. So far so good.

It was nice to "chat" with you all again.