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Friday, August 31, 2012

Busy, busy busy!

It's been crazy over here. My husband and I decided to plan a million and three camping trips this year, an anniversary get away and a trip to Disney for my birthday. In the meantime my IL's have planned a Palm Springs trip WITH us, as well and several smaller trips without us. So basically someone has been out of the office about 3 times a month all year. It's made things kind of crazy. Everything is getting done, things are going well, it's just we are both frazzled. On top of all the fun stuff my daughter up and decided to have a freaking birthday!! WTF and then of course the other kid had to have one too! (well coming up) ;) Just in case that isn't enough Keith and I just signed a lease on a home near the IL's. You guessed it, we are moving.

This is all good stuff. I'm loving life right now. I don't think I've ever felt so blessed. Nanie is starting preschool this Tues. I am so nervous for her. She is so excited and asks to go to school almost daily. I just know she doesn't realize she isn't going to know anyone. I also know she doesn't realize she wont be going to Suzanne's anymore. She loves Suzanne. She tells her so and Suzanne melts...who wouldn't? I'm scared and excited for her. I feel like it's my first day of school.

Grandma bought her a new outfit and tennis shoes. This preschool doesn't allow sandals or crocks. You know, my daughters favorite shoes. So being wise, my MIL bought Nanie PRINCESS shoes that are sparkly AND light up. Wish us luck! Nanie will also have to adjust to getting cold lunches. My spoiled monster likes everything warmed. We have been prepping her by making sandwiches and so far peanut butter is the only thing she'll eat... any ideas??

In Elena news, she is chugging along. Walking like a big girl. She is working her mama just like her sister. She is completely fine with anyone and then as soon as she see's me she wines until I pick her up. At this point I miss her so I baby her and soak up the snuggles :) I'm sure I'll regret that soon enough but for now I'm enjoying it.  She is starting to repeat and remember things now. Like what a bear says (Rawww). Also while reading Goodnight Moon, I was about to turn the page to the part where it says "Good night to the old lady whispering Shhhhh", when Elena put her finger up to her mouth and blew. I almost cried right there. She knew it was coming, she knew just what to do. I was so proud.

That is all for now. I need to figure out how to upload pics from my phone because all the ones on my computer are pretty old. We shall see.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Holy Moly My baby is going to be 3!! and Look who's walking!

I am speechless!! I really just want to stop time. For my little big girl we are having an Arial party at Grandmas. (MIL). This is our first "small" party. If you remember from past posts I have a HUGE family and so does DH. So this time we invited immediate family only and 3 close friends. One who is actually family but we didn't count that because that would be fair :) That makes my "small" party 29 people!! Hey it's tiny compared to the other parties. Not to mention one of my sisters will probably not make it. That is for another post. Anyway, I'm a little nervous as I always am when throwing a party but hey... it's for my princess.

On another note can you guess what?!?! Well I guess you guessed if you read the title of this post. Elena is walking!! Following in the footsteps of her sister she waited unit a little over 14 months. She is taking 4-5 steps well and then falls. Give her her walker toy and she's zooming faster then I can catch her :) She is teething pretty hard right now. Again, just like her sister she is a slow, hard teether. She has four teeth right now (upper two and bottom two) and she is definitely working on at least one more. 

Another milestone with Elena is bottle free!! that's right ladies and gentlemen <--- who am I kidding, no men read my blob, I digress.  NO bottles :) My daycare provider, AKA super mom had her weined when she was almost exactly a year. This means she had no bottles, no warming of the milk and no problems. DH and I are softies and would give her a bottle at home. Then it became we ONLY gave her bottles at home. Yes, yes we know... stupid. Anyway we decided enough is enough. The first day Elena SCREAMED like I never heard her scream before. We weren't sure if it was teething or weening. I gave her motrin, I gave her orijel I gave her Ice to gnaw on. Nothing! After I calmed her I gave her a bottle. (hey it was the first night) and she was fine. Yesterday, I stuck to my guns and didn't give in. She was half hardily crying anyway so as tough as it was I was able to stick it out. So my friends we are a bottle free home. Tonight when I go home I will rid the house of bottles (IE hide them from DH). 

DH and I are looking at a home to rent today. It's a big move but that's another post too. Wish us luck! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Does a city define you?

I come from a large town with a small town feel. Everyone know everyone and you can't go anywhere or date anyone without someone knowing who you are, who your family is and who you use to hang out with. It's just the way it is.

I use to think this is what made my hometown so awesome. I live pretty darn close to my hometown so I visit at least once a week. You bet I see people I remember all.the.time. I never thought it was a bad thing, until last weekend.

Last weekend I attended a baby shower for a very young couple. It was at a park and A LOT of people I haven't seen in a while where there for this shower. One person in particular I saw and almost rolled my eyes immediately. I knew who he was, he knew who I was but we never really talked. I know a few things about him that makes me believe he is not an upstanding citizen. As a matter of fact I know for a fact,as I've seen him myself, that he can be down right ghetto.  ...There I said it.

Anyway, this Man decided to leave the shower early. He made sure to say goodbye to everyone. Even gave a few people hugs, which I've actually never seen him do. Then I over heard him tell my aunt that he is "out of here" with a big smile on his face. Upon explaining, he is leaving the State. His explanation was that he needed to get out of our town. He couldn't get away from his past and everyone knows him or thinks they know him and as hard as he tries to grow up he just can't here. So he made the decision to leave.


I was so impressed. More then impressed I was disappointed in MYSELF for doing just what he said was happening. Upon reflection, it's crazy how many of my old friends have left for this very reason. Each one of them succeed when away from our hometown, each one of them have a better life now. So I guess a city may define you to other people but you define yourself with your actions.

Bravo to all my hometown no mores.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


It's been a while huh? I was kind of board and decided to click on my blog to read a few old posts. I came to the realization that this was a wonderful tool to help me remember Nanie's early years. So I would like to start blogging again. Will you have me back?  Too bad for you, you don't have a choice ;)

An update on me and my little family:

The last you heard I was pregnant! VERY early on and was spotting. Well... God bless us with another baby girl July of last year. That's right! She is already ONE! ::tear:: That means my dear friends that my darling Nanie is almost 3!! Whaaaaaa? ::more tears::

Nanie's sister's name is Elena. She is just as beautiful as her sister. She looks more like her Dad's side of the family right now. I always tell people I was nervous about having #2 because I thought I wouldn't love #2 as much as I love Nanie. FYI: Totally not a problem :)

Anyway, Elena is just over one year old and still isn't walking. He sister didn't walk until 14 months so I'm not worried. Those early days of having 2 under 2 were tough. It was constant and still is sometimes. Alone time is sparse.  It's tough but it's worth it.

Nanie is a spit fire. I just love her. She is so smart! We have daily conversations about her day. She sings and dances and even jokes with me. She loves Yo Gabba Gabba and the Mickey Mouse club. She can sing her ABC's and can count to 18. She doesn't recognize to many letters but knows they are letters :) She starts pre-school in a little less then a month!! HOLY MOLY.

All and all life has been great. Keith and I are more in love today then we have ever been. The petty arguments don't happen as often. We are quick to apologize and quick to complement. Of course now that I typed this we'll probably have a fight and stay mad for a while LOL.  Life is good!

Here is a pic of my little family