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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Does a city define you?

I come from a large town with a small town feel. Everyone know everyone and you can't go anywhere or date anyone without someone knowing who you are, who your family is and who you use to hang out with. It's just the way it is.

I use to think this is what made my hometown so awesome. I live pretty darn close to my hometown so I visit at least once a week. You bet I see people I remember all.the.time. I never thought it was a bad thing, until last weekend.

Last weekend I attended a baby shower for a very young couple. It was at a park and A LOT of people I haven't seen in a while where there for this shower. One person in particular I saw and almost rolled my eyes immediately. I knew who he was, he knew who I was but we never really talked. I know a few things about him that makes me believe he is not an upstanding citizen. As a matter of fact I know for a fact,as I've seen him myself, that he can be down right ghetto.  ...There I said it.

Anyway, this Man decided to leave the shower early. He made sure to say goodbye to everyone. Even gave a few people hugs, which I've actually never seen him do. Then I over heard him tell my aunt that he is "out of here" with a big smile on his face. Upon explaining, he is leaving the State. His explanation was that he needed to get out of our town. He couldn't get away from his past and everyone knows him or thinks they know him and as hard as he tries to grow up he just can't here. So he made the decision to leave.


I was so impressed. More then impressed I was disappointed in MYSELF for doing just what he said was happening. Upon reflection, it's crazy how many of my old friends have left for this very reason. Each one of them succeed when away from our hometown, each one of them have a better life now. So I guess a city may define you to other people but you define yourself with your actions.

Bravo to all my hometown no mores.

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