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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Holy Moly My baby is going to be 3!! and Look who's walking!

I am speechless!! I really just want to stop time. For my little big girl we are having an Arial party at Grandmas. (MIL). This is our first "small" party. If you remember from past posts I have a HUGE family and so does DH. So this time we invited immediate family only and 3 close friends. One who is actually family but we didn't count that because that would be fair :) That makes my "small" party 29 people!! Hey it's tiny compared to the other parties. Not to mention one of my sisters will probably not make it. That is for another post. Anyway, I'm a little nervous as I always am when throwing a party but hey... it's for my princess.

On another note can you guess what?!?! Well I guess you guessed if you read the title of this post. Elena is walking!! Following in the footsteps of her sister she waited unit a little over 14 months. She is taking 4-5 steps well and then falls. Give her her walker toy and she's zooming faster then I can catch her :) She is teething pretty hard right now. Again, just like her sister she is a slow, hard teether. She has four teeth right now (upper two and bottom two) and she is definitely working on at least one more. 

Another milestone with Elena is bottle free!! that's right ladies and gentlemen <--- who am I kidding, no men read my blob, I digress.  NO bottles :) My daycare provider, AKA super mom had her weined when she was almost exactly a year. This means she had no bottles, no warming of the milk and no problems. DH and I are softies and would give her a bottle at home. Then it became we ONLY gave her bottles at home. Yes, yes we know... stupid. Anyway we decided enough is enough. The first day Elena SCREAMED like I never heard her scream before. We weren't sure if it was teething or weening. I gave her motrin, I gave her orijel I gave her Ice to gnaw on. Nothing! After I calmed her I gave her a bottle. (hey it was the first night) and she was fine. Yesterday, I stuck to my guns and didn't give in. She was half hardily crying anyway so as tough as it was I was able to stick it out. So my friends we are a bottle free home. Tonight when I go home I will rid the house of bottles (IE hide them from DH). 

DH and I are looking at a home to rent today. It's a big move but that's another post too. Wish us luck! 

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