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Thursday, September 30, 2010

nanie is feeling better!

You know when little baby girl is feeling better because she EATS :)

She had a large dinner and finished 6oz of formula!! Woot! I think she could have had more, but I only made a 6.

This is going to be short because I'm on my third glass of red wine and I don't wanna "say" anything stupid tonight.

But i will add I think we had good timing this month!!! woot!

Ok, i'm done!

see ya sober tomorrow

Monday, September 27, 2010

My poor baby is sick

It's 8:15pm now and I'm tired but I wanted to get this all out before I forgot.

My little girl was a bit of a fuss on Saturday. Kind of clingy but having fun with her cousins so i think we were both to busy to notice. Sunday rolls around and my normally happy baby is crying when she wakes up!
Usually we just get a ehhhhh, Mama, then some laughs because she's talking to herself and playing with the blinds. But Not even a Monkey girl when I walked it. She had alligator tears coming down and just wanted me to hold her. I did and then put her in bed with us, which she usually loves. She was having no part of it and just wanted to be in my arms.
She was pretty bad most of the day. I guess my first hint should have been that she slept through the night. YUP, my baby finally slept through the from 8:00- 5:20am. Then after 9 hours of sleep she took Two, Three hour naps!!
We were pumping her with motrin and needless to say we did nothing but stay home Sunday.
This morning there wasn't much change. So I took her to the Dr.'s at 9am and it turns out she has an ear infection :(. AAaand her thrush never went away so we are on a different medicine for that. I didn't go to work today I just stayed home with my fussy baby. She was so clingy, she wouldn't even play unless she was on my lap. Things got a little better as the day went on. She had longer bouts of Happiness. I've pumped her with 2 doses of Amoxocillin and 1 large dose of the thrush meds, so I'm hoping tomorrow she is well enough to go to daycare.

On a great note, because we were home I had nothing to do but take pictures of my little girl Sooo I have a ton of cute ones! I'll post them Wed. because Lord knows I'm going to be terribly busy at work tomorrow.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I need to find another blog challange! LOL

To be honest, I've just run out of ideas. I haven't been able to take very many pics of Nanie cuz we've been sooo busy.

This weekend we are taking Nanie's 1 year old portraits and 1 family portrait. I am super excited!!! I'll scan and post pics as soon as I can.

It's Friday THANK GOD

if It was wed. and I had to post a "wordless wed." post it' be

My external hard drive for our computers at work was going out. It was over heating and causing the network to go offline randomly. So we decided to get a new external hard drive.
after 2 days of not being able to do any of my work and having things pile on my desk then watch my IT guy be very rude to the support lady (that i have to deal with again btw) I was done!!

So my week has sucked at work. We've been busy every day this week and really all I want to do is stay home and write my thank you notes. Yup, that's how crazy I'm feeling, writing thank you notes sounds fun.

So yeah, Thank god it's Friday!

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Monster!

I call Nanie my Monster.

Mostly because she is soooo spoiled and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Monster act #1
She wakes up a couple times a night, she doesn't even cry she just wines because she knows I'm gonna get her. When I'm too asleep to hear her, what I hear is not a cry but Mama, mama, mama LOL. Sometimes I want to let her fuss just so I can hear her call me :) but I don't.

Monster act #2
when we drop her off at daycare she reaches for my daycare provider. Then reaches for me. Once I have her, she reaches for DH. Round and round she goes. I love when she does this because I always want her to know that if Mama can help it, I'm gonna give her what she wants. Not in a spoiled brat kind of way, just so she knows we love her.

Monster act #3
When I try to set her down when she still wants to be in my arms, she gets on her knees and throws her arm up until I get her. She looks so funny when she does this. If I can I pick her back up I do. If not I just tell her my reason, kiss her and walk away. She is fine after 2 seconds.

Monster act #4
When she is hungry and wants to eat but wants to play. She fusses for a bottle eats for two seconds then goes play. Then fusses again until I give her the bottle again. I enjoy watching her try and figure out how she can play and eat at the same time.

There are many more Monster acts but basically my Monster is spoiled. I LOVE spoiling her. She is just so much fun. I guess I don't see the reasoning of saying no for the sake of not spoiling them. I figure why not?? If it makes them happy and your happy why not.

I may regret this later but for now I'm living it up!

Friday, September 17, 2010

My issue.

So I have lots of issues but this is the one that effects me the most. It's my weight. I've had low self esteme since I was young. Stemming form being the youngest of 3 sisters, later to be part of the middle children when my mom had a baby when I was 6 years old. Having the 2 older sisters making fun of my chubbiness. My family calling me names that I will never repeat. They said them with love and they became normal, but they still hurt. Please keep in mind my family are jokesters and in no way meant to hurt me. If you talk to them about it now they totally understand and apologize and say "we didn't know". I know they didn't, so I don't hold it against them.

Moving forward, I was the nice girl and I hid my insecurities well throughout school and even after. When I got married my life changed. I had a husband who use to be overweight and is now considered lean. He knew what it was like to feel overweight but he never had to deal with the jokes. His weight affected him as well just not as long because he was only overweight for a short time.

Once we got married we started an excersise routine. Slow at first, we just walked our neighborhood, then we walked to the near by starbucks, then we joined a circuit gym. Once we joined the circuit gym I started to see results. So DH and I went 6 days a week for months. Then we decided it was to much and did 5 days. I worked out 5 days a week for 2 years. I lost 50lbs and was tone.

My self esteem sky rocketed. I felt good about myself. Confident in my choices in life, not wondering what people were thinking. When I got pregnant I continued to work out 5 days a week up until the last month where I went down to 3 days a week.

I was healthy and felt great. After the baby I was unable to work out for the standard 6 weeks. Then slowly I started to go the the gym again. This was a different gym because my wonderful circuit gym closed down. As much as I wanted to be fit again I couldn't get motivated. My life was all about my daughter and I could care less.

Soon, I stopped going to the gym and did home tapes. Then, the home tapes stopped and I was in "eff it" mode. My body was 27lbs over what I was when I got pregnant. I had to get out my fat clothes and even they became tight.

After all the complaining DH bought an elliptical for our house. I've been working out on it 3 days a week for a little over a month. I already see a difference, not a big one but it's there. I feel better and I'm enjoying it. The problem lies in the fact that the only time I have to work out is 5am.

Therefore if Nanie has a rough night I usually don't work out. Or if she wakes up to early and I need to watch her and can't fit in a workout in before work. DH is busy with his workout at 4:25am and then getting things ready in the morning so I would never dream of having him watch her. (he's such a superstar)

I've been so consistent up until this week. I did my 2 days and today was to be my third but Nanie woke up at 5:15 and wouldn't go back down. I hate being interrupted at the end of the week because it means a Saturday work out. I HATE Saturday work outs. It makes me NOT like working out and then it becomes a chore again rather then an opportunity.

So, please motivate me. Tell me to get my but up early tomorrow and get on that machine. I love the way it makes me feel, I just hate doing it on Saturdays. So in this long post I'm just complaining that I'm fat again and working on it and having a hard time getting motivated when I'm thrown of track.

::hangs head in shame::

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why always AFTER her appointment

At Nanie's appointments, my Pediatrician always asks about milestone. I kind of shrug nonchalantly and say, "Yeeaah, I guess she does that" Or "I think she does that" I guess I don't look for milestones anymore because I never want to be that parent again that I was when she was 3 months old and not rolling over. I was so nervous and talking to everyone about when their baby rolled.

I mean, let's get real. Is that on a collage application When did you roll for the first time? ::roll eyes:: So since the day she started to roll I vowed never to worry about it unless it becomes obvious that there is something wrong.

Anyway, at her appointment my Pediatrician asks. How many words does she say besides mama and dada? I was like Ummm, ball? Grandma (gmama) and Grandpa (gradada) and I just couldn't think of any more.

Then...I get home, the word please comes out, Hi, and a few more that I really should have written down. I just laughed that now that I am paying attention my daughter is trying to communicate :)

Of course when the Pediatrician asks me about Mimicking, I'm like yea, she does kind of. And when I get home I realize that my daughter is trying to use a spoon. She puts her starfish under water because that is what I do when I try and fill it with water. She kisses and plays peekaboo. All of these things, she has learned and mimics from us.

A bonus. We can ask her what a lion says and she'll whisper "raar" It's sooo cute.

My big girl is not walking yet but is standing on her own. Yesterday she stood there and just lifted her hands like, look at me I'm not holding onto anything. She's getting pretty good at it too.

I guess in my determination NOT to worry, I've forgot to pay attention. I guess I just wish I could have bragged to the pediatrician. LOL

Oh well.

So here is a little treat. A video of Nanie waking up. Notice the MONKEY dance she does when she's excited. She usually does it for longer but she was distracted because I turned on the light so the video would turn out.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednsday

The stressful part of the party

As promised in yesterday's post, here is the story.

DH left the house at 4am to reserve a spot at the park for Nanie's b-day so I was on my own all day. Nanie was super tired at 8am, which is early for her. She pretty much fought her nap until 9:30am. That was kind of stressful, but not bad. So I call my MIL to tell her to come over and stay with Nanie while I go decorate at the park. I call my Mom to meet me at the park to help me out. I call DH, to make sure he has the tables already, as I'm talking to him I hear my BIL yelling something in the background but think nothing of it. All is set and ready to go. I drive to the park.

I get there and I realize there is A LOT to do. No biggie, just buckle down and get it done right? The boys are there (My dad, My BIL, DH, and my Dad's BFF Frank) so maybe they can help. Right off the bat, I walk in and I see my BIL. He's yelling but I'm not sure what he's saying. So, I pay attention to him, and the words are, and I quote, "I'm FUUUUUCKED UP!" I just laugh because My BIL LOVES, to get me pissed off. So I ignore him and get going with what needs to be done. Then...I see my Dad. His little beaty eyes are almost closed and he's laughing so hard at my BIL while patting him on the back. Then My husband comes to me and says. "I got all the tables and set them where I thought they should go but if you want to move them let me know." Except is sounds more like "eeeye, set, all the tables out...(hickup) where I thought... they should go, but if you wanna mooovem lemeeeno.(think Jack Sparrow) Ok so maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but whatever. I turn to look at Frank and he has a grin from ear to ear and is swaying.


I guess in all my stress about setting up and making it back to my house to get dressed and then back to the park WITH my daughter, in time for the party, I've overlooked the fact that ALL FOUR OF THEM ARE DRUNK!!!

My BIL is GONE. I'm talking, I keep looking out for the cops to come and take him away for public drunkenness. My dad is close behind him but holding his own. My DH is slurring but is ok and same goes for Frank. I look at DH and tell him. "WATER!!!! I need your help today honey, I need you to sober up. " After they hear me, all of them try and sober up and help me with putting things together. I have no other help but my mom and my drunkard boys so I just go with it. Here is a list of things my drunkard spot reservers did.
* hang the "Happy 1st Birthday Nanie" sign with CAUTION TAPE
* tape the table cloths down by literally WRAPPING THE TAPE ALL THE WAY AROUND THE TABLE. Thank god it was clear (see picture in Yesterdays post)
*Fill the water jugs to high so we couldn't put the lid on.
*Make a mess of the food table because while they were waiting, they were making breakfast and drinking bloodymary's
*leave the water bottle full of clear tequilla out where someone could easily mistake if for water.

After setting up the decorations I get a phone call from my sister asking how her husband was. I say DRUNK! She laughs and asks if she needs to get him. I tell her Ummmm, maybe I dunno. I think He'll sober up. MY MISTAKE. I walk over to check on him and he is holding onto the the sun shade almost knocking it over because he can't stand. So I text my sister to come get him.

So My BIL leaves the party about a half our before the party starts. His only complaint was "aww man, I wanna go back to the party"

My Dad makes it through the first hour and a half before he tells my mom to take him home. My DH is a superstar and holds his own the whole all the while BBQing. Frank makes it to the end but his wife takes him home as soon as things start to wind down.

To be honest. It was soooo efffing funny. Yes, it was stressful. Yes, I knew there would be boodymary's in the AM. DH pre-made them and brought enough for about ONE per person but I was unaware that every one of the boys did the same thing AND Frank bringing the tequilla. As for the decorations, I figured they were helping so I didn't' complain. Not to mention it was super windy so it helped having the tape all the way around the table. I though I would be more pissed then I was but really, It was kind of funny. The guest were aware of the situation because of course everyone wanted to know where my Dad was. Everyone got a good laugh and the party turned out just fine.

My crazy family...what can i say but I love them.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm back!

And my daughter is now 1 year old ::tear:: Her actual birthday was kind of crazy for me. I didn't come to work and baked 144, Yes I said 144 cupcakes and one LARGE cupcake. All the while Mommy was slaving in the kitchen and running around getting last minute stuff, baby Nanie was having a party!! :) My daycare provider threw her a very special little party at daycare. She had her 1st cupcake there. I wasn't able to witness it, but she took pictures. It was so adorable. I called to pick my little birthday girl up early and of course my daycare provider asked if I checked my email. So, of course I run to the computer to find not one but TWO pictures shows. It was awesome.

The cupcakes (notice the boxes below full of cupcakes)

The day of her party came. She fought her morning nap like she knew she was going to a party. She only slept 1 hour! For my 2-3hr nap girl that was not good. But she was such a trouper at the park. She didn't complain once. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating, but she did beautifully.

The actual day was not as stressful as I thought....well ok, I'm lying but It wasn't the party that stressed me out so much. I'll elaborate on my next post. You'll Defiantly want to hear this.

Anyway. I want to make this post about my little girl :)

Pictures of her were put everywhere. They were in double sided frames with purple ribbon on them. Simple but cute. Everyone loved them and some people took them home (I told them they could)

Nanie made out in the present department. My Mom is worried she will have nothing to get her for Christmas :)

Nanie spent most of the time on the blanket/foam letters playing or with my MIL. Her Grandma just loves to show her off. :) I love that they have a great relationship. She loved her cupcake but was a little overwhelmed by the size of the one we used to sing happy birthday to her with.

This pic says it all.

The park was a bit chilly so we did have to change her from her dress to a pant outfit but other than that all went well with the party. Nanie does have Thrush right now and had it on her birthday and it didn't seem to affect her. She had a blast.

All and all the day was wonderful. We celebrated my daughter. I couldn't have asked for more.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

One year ago today...

I started contracting at 2am. I was laboring at this very desk most of the day. At this time 1:50pm, I was on the phone with 2 customers and going through 2 contractions. One of the contractions was so painful, I knew this was not false labor. So I called my husband to take me home so I could labor from home.

I labored from home until 10pm. When I walked into Labor and Delivery I was told I was dilated at 7cm. 4:23am the next day, 9/10/09 my beautiful daughter was born. It was an amazing day.

My last Pregnancy picture. Taken three days before she arrived.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bad blogger!!

Sorry for being a bad blogger. I've been super busy at work and planning my little girls b-day party.

Enough with the excuses. So if you don't know, while I was pregnant I was sooo into the vampire thing. I mean, I read the entire Twilight saga in a months time!! Then I went to the sookie stackhouse novels, then Blue bloods. I mean if it was vampire I was reading it. Well, I think it may have effected my daughter. LOL

She now is the proud owner of two fangs :) Or canines...tomato, tomato. Poor baby was teething all weekend. She even ran a fever on Monday. I'll try and get some pictures soon but I can't promise anything.

Well, it's time to go pick up my little vampire, so I'll blog at ya'll tomorrow.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am Thankful for not ripping my husband head off yet...

So much for stress free party planning LOL

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nanie's 1st Birthday

Nanie's 1st birthday party is next Saturday. I can't believe it. My baby girl is gonna be the big 1. I will no longer get the baby updates, I'll be getting toddler updates ::tear::

Of course we are marking this day by throwing a HUGE cookout at the park. Keith's family is pretty large and my family is HUGE. We are expecting 100 + people. How much is 100+ you ask?? I have no idea!! I did not ask for a RSVP. ::gasp:: I figured, most of my family does not RSVP anyway. No matter what, if I count the "regulars" who show up to everything and people who have been planning to be there since before I set the date, we have about 60+ people EASY. My family can eat all day long. There are a few of Keith's family that can do the same. So we are getting 200 hamburgers and hot dogs, chips, fresh fruit and having a HUGE tub of macaroni salad. Basically we are ready for the 100+ people and don't really want to worry about not having enough. I mean so what if I end up with 60 hamburgers left over. I'll just wait two weeks for the next family gathering and use them then LOL.

Decorations are going to be simple and purple. A very loose cupcake theme is in order. I will have center pieces. They are a $0.99 double sided 4x6 photo frame with pictures of Nanie throughout her 1 year of life. There will be two to three frames per table, a multitude of colored balloons and some colored ribbon banner thing that my mom makes. Cupcakes will be served as well as cake. Lemonaid, water and beer. Yup, we are THAT family.

Of course as with every party I am a little stressed but am trying to be relaxed. I mean I have a 1 year old, how do you expect me to plan. I'm actually being prepared for Nanie to be late to her own party (daddy will bet there all day) I'm just assuming she'll still be napping at the start of her party due to her recent nap schedule change. Aaand I'm just trying to prepare myself to "go with the flow" If I plan for the chaos I'll be ok with it.

Soooo, this is the least I've planned for any party. I'm just going with the flow. I just hope I'm able to keep this "going with the flow" attitude. So if any of you hear me stressing out, please remind me. This time, I am going with the flow.

This is just one of the 56+ pics that will be on the tables. I just love this one.