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Friday, October 29, 2010

I love this

This was posted on my cousins facebook. I think her husband carved it, totally something he would do. Isn't it beautiful :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I believe

I believe

... that waiting sucks!!

...that no matter what, you will always compare your kids to the "norm."

...that no matter how good of a relationship you have with your IL's, they will annoy you one day.

...that crying is the easiest way to get out of something. (be careful not to overuse this)

...that gas is one of the worst pains EVER!

...that I can talk shit about my family all I want but if you do I will kick your a$$


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It takes a village

My eldest sister is upset with our youngest sister for having a "photo shoot" with her daughter. It's not that there was a "photo shoot" or even that she curled her hair and put makeup on her. Her gripe is with the fact that my youngest sister was asking my niece to pose. These poses weren't smiles and giggles either. They were puckering of lips, sexy pouts and just a little to sexy poses for an 11 year old.

I'm not sure if she is over reacting or not. I mean NO, I would not want someone to ask Nanie to pose provocatively at age 11 but I don't know if I would go off the way my sister has. She has pretty much said that if our younger sister does anything else not to her liking with her daughter that she would no longer let them hang out.

I guess I just feel it's a little dramatic. Yes, she should be upset and yes, she should explain to her daughter about taking photos like this. It's not like they were boudoir pictures, they were more Myspace-est.

I guess I figured she would talk to our younger sister, ask her not to do it again and be done with it.

Would you be this upset?

Friday, October 22, 2010

I didn't realize

I know that My husband is an amazing man. I know it's unusual to find a husband who will cook, clean, do the laundry and watch the baby. I've always known I hit the jackpot with DH. It's just I never really realized the IMPACT it has on my life and my daughters life.

DH is putting laminate wood floors in my house. He did the hallway one Saturday and then during the week, he's been doing the stairs a few at a time. This mean he is busy during the week and I had to step it up with the chores and dinner.

This was not a problem for me. I don't mind doing the cooking and cleaning, as a matter of fact it was a nice change. The point of this post you ask?? I never realized how much DH doing the cooking and cleaning after work gives me the opportunity to spend quality time with my daughter.

While my husband is busy in the kitchen I am down on the floor playing games with Nanie. I let her climb on me, we play chase and or play with her toys. It's work. It takes a lot to fully engage in a 1 year old child after 8 hours of work. I guess she is my entire focus after work and I like it that way.

While attending to dinner this week, I realized that the glances and small words and even the short chase game we did was all done half heartily. I was worried about burning the chicken...about making sure everything is done on time... keeping her away from hot stuff and then cleaning up after myself. Yes, I payed attention to Nanie, Yes we played and I even sad her on my counter top (bad mom) so we could talk. I held her while I stirred the soup and when I got something out of the fridge. I really felt like I was engaging her. But deep down I knew I wasn't into it. I was just so busy.

This is when I realized how amazing my husband is. Not only does he do "womanly chores" but he makes it possible to be a great mom. He makes it possible for Nanie and I to have a quality relationship. THIS, more then anything makes me appreciate what I have. I've always know I have a great husband, I just never realized the impact having a great husband can have on your life and the life of your children.

So shout out to all of our husbands who are amazing!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I believe


...that no matter what, a girl always runs to her Momma

...that no matter how hard you try, there will always be a bit of sibling rivalry.

...that you can tell a good friend when you haven't spoken to them in such a long time but when you do, if feels like you just talked to them yesterday.

...that family is like brownies, mostly sweet with a few nuts.

...that being a parent is the greatest responsibility in the world.

...that God had a plan for my life that is better then any plan I can think of myself.


Wordless Wednsday


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sleeping baby

My little girl is so sweet. She sleeps so soundly, nothing waking her up. Unlike her newborn days :) We had a horrible thunder storm last night and DH and I were AMAZED that she didn't wake up. She slept and of course woke up at her normal times to feed.

I just love to get her at night because when she sees me she just sits there and waits for me, her arms raised in the air.

When I lift her she leans back so I can hold her in the rocking position and I put my cheek on her cheek and I rock her for a bit. Then I make my way to my glider and as soon as I sit down she spits out her pacifier LOL. I grab her warm bottle and feed her until she turns her face and I replace her pacifier.

She immedialty goes to sleep. I rock her for just a bit longer and stare at my beautiful baby with loving eyes. I get up and put her back into her crib, pat her head and bid her goodnight.

I do this nightly and love it. I love being a mom.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Monday!

It's Monday and I'm glad to be at work LOL. It was such a busy weekend.

Friday, I spend the evening at my Mom's. Keith was brewing at our house and I took Nanie and visited my Mom. I asked my Lil sister to watch her for an hour while I went to Ross with my older sister and when I came back it turns out my Mom gave Nanie half a pack of Gerber yogert bites. She was so proud of herself because Nanie loved them. I swear I have to spell everything out for her to understand why Nanie can't have things like this.

We are giving her a little bit at a time because she is lactose intolerant and we are trying to introduce diary to her slowly. Needless to say Nanie had such a hard time pooping the next morning :( My poor baby. Other then that the visit went well.

Saturday, DH took the flooring in the upstairs hallway out and put in laminate wood floors. It looks great! I went shopping with Nanie while he was doing that, attended a baby shower and we went to Dinner that night for our anniversary.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned the great date experiment before but we tried great date #2. It was a big fat FAIL! Not because the date was bad but because I printed off the date before I left the office and didn't look at it because I didn't want to "cheat" and when I got to the restaurant I realized only 3 of the 6 pages printed out. Dh was disappointed because the 1st 3 pages were so fun. I think we are going to try again later this month. If you haven't tried the dates you really should because I love them!

Sunday, we went shopping for a baptism gift for my little cousin for a baptism that was later that day. Yes! I was that unorganized I didn't pick up a gift before the day of. Then we went to a new brewery in Vista and had some AWESOME beer with some amazing company. Seriously though, the spice of life beer was freaking amazing!
We then went home where Nanie took her Nap (she skipped her 1st nap earlier that day) and after she woke up we went to the baptism. Needless to say after this weekend I am glad to be resting at work LOL.

DH is doing the stairs one at a time during the week in hopes to be done by Saturday when he can do the down stairs. I'm just so excited to get rid of the nasty carpet :) I'll take a pic when it's done.

Sorry no new pics of Nanie this weekend, I was a little busy to be taking pictures. I'll be sure to catch some new ones later this week.

Friday, October 15, 2010


I have been so damn emotional lately you'd think I was pregnant. As a matter of fact I'm gonna POAS when I get home tonight. I totally had a full on period and couldn't possibly be pregnant. Although if you listen to my MIL, she says "some women have periods while they are pregnant" With that look of go POAS right now. I just seem to cry at the drop of a hat. I cry when something good happens and then I cry when something bad happens. I can't help it.

I've been talking to my Oldest Sister lately and I feel like I've been spilling my guts. I let her know that I don't think my other sister likes me. That I think she is angry at me and I feel she has a right to be. I can be pretty mean (not on purpose) sometimes. I was in tears. My Oldest sister's response... "Dude you need to POAS! What is wrong with you?" LOL

I have also been at my wits end with DH. He is so damn happy! Why you ask, because he has been engulfed in brewing beer for the past 3 months. I swear it's effecting every part of his life. His work, our home, our friends everything. I knew he was excited and understood it. It's just getting a little much right now. So I'm hoping that after today when he finished brewing this beer he will calm down and come back to earth.

I think for him it's kind of like falling in love again. You know when you first meet your love and you are so excited to see them. Everything that happens reminds you of them and you can't stop talking about them. Yeah, that's my husband and brewing right now. LOL. I guess I should be happy for him. :)


I'm hoping that I can talk to my mom today because I haven't been able to see her because her kitchen is being re-done and I haven't been able to come over. I hope I don't cry when I see her. I've been feeling like a 3 year old complaining about my mom not paying attention to me. See, I'm emotional. this should pass, I'm assuming.

Maybe I have PMS or something. I dunno. I just hope this passes soon.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I believe

So Mrs. Trophy wife at Exploits of a Military Mama has started an I believe. It's to help all of us get to know each other better. I kind of like it because I LOVE to hear what other people believe. I think I will start to do this once a week. Not sure what day of the week or even if it will be the same day every week.

As you can read, it doesn't always have to be deep. I can be I believe in peanut butter sandwiches.

So today I believe in choosing to be happy.

Yup, that's right I said it. No matter what your circumstances are, you can choose to react in a way that will make you happy. You CAN be happy . For instance, when my mom decides to help my sister out and call her and ask if she can do anything for her but does not do the same to me. I could be upset or hurt but I'd rather choose to believe that my Mom thinks I am so responsible and so happy that I don't need her help. Therefore she doesn't offer. I believe that she is so proud of me that she doesn't even think to offer her help. I truly believe this and I am happy about it.

So I hope that you can choose to be happy in your situation too.


The river

The river was great! A little stressful, but when you have a vacation with a 1 year old you kind of expect that.

We went with our IL's. MIL, FIL, SIL and SIL's Friend (SILF).

We usually rough it, that means tent sleeping, no bathrooms/running water. In exchange for the inconveniences you get a private cove where it looks like you are the only ones on the lake. It's great! Due to having a bottle feeding one year old we decided to stay at the hotel that is right on the river and day camp. Meaning you take the boat to a patch of secluded beach set up canopies and play until your hearts content and go back to the hotel when you feel like it.

This was our 1st attempt at beach camping, so we all thought it would be awesome to have the seclusion without all the set up. (anchoring the boat, setting up kitchen, setting up tents, anchoring things down so at night they don't blow away) It all sounded wonderful and probably would have been if a few things didn't go wrong.

1st, upon ariving at the river at 6am we found that DH left his wallet at the last gas station. Luckily it was only a 25 min drive back and forth. This got us off to a late start which means all the good coves were taken. So we end up on a beach that has no shade. No problem, we have canopies we say.

We set up in about 1/2 the time. We just tie the boat to a tree and throw up the tent shades. The thing that took the longest was setting up Nanie's area where she could nap.

All was going well, until a gust of wind blew Nanie's canopy over and broke it. (down canopy 1) It wouldn't have been bad but my MIL was passed out drunk (a rarity) and was in the way. Normally we would have caught it before it went over but passed out people don't have the fastest reflexes.

Anyway, we decide we are going to move canopy #2 over to Nanie's area and all hang out there. Gust of wind #2 nocks that canopy over and breaks it (down canopy #2). That means no shade. Not good for a 1year old. So we decide to pack it up and see if we can get into the hotel early.

The next day we decided to stay at the hotel and play in the water near the hotel. Not as secluded but WAY better then no shade day camp.

All and all the trip went well. Nanie came back with 2 more teeth :) She was a trooper. I don't think we'll be taking our next child so young to the river but defiantly when they are a bit older.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday, Monday

So much for good timing? :( I had cramps on Saturday and when I went to the bathroom AF was here. So onward I go. I can't complain, we didn't really try this month. We had sex and then I was like, Oh wow that's cool cuz I think I"m around "O". But My cycle changed and I'm back to normal. We'll see how next cycle goes. I'm determined not to chart until January so I can't complain right?

I went to the Charger game Sunday. We went on the "drunk bus" LOL. It's a chartered bus from a local brewery and we drink free beer all the way down. Tailgate with delicious food, then drink all the way home. Needless to say I was feeling NO PAIN. This morning wasn't so hot LOL. I play I pay right??

While I was at the game My MIL had a photo shoot with Nanie. It was so awesome. I think I showed everyone I ran into the pictures. I'm super grateful that I have a MIL who will not only watch my little girl anytime but she also makes sure I always get pictures of her while I"m out. It helps because I truly hate to leave her.

Anyway, I hope your Monday is going well.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday, Friady!!!

Thank god it's Friday!!

It's been a week! Nothing life threatening just a whole bunch of little things. Mostly work crap getting to me. But It's Friday and I'm gonna see my mom so that makes the day that much better.

Speaking of Mom's, I just typed how excited I am to see my mom and realized that I wish upon all wishes that my daughter feels that way about me when she's my age. :) I wonder what it is that my mom did that made me want to be with her so much?

Maybe it's the way she was so honest with me all the time? Maybe it was the constant affections she showed? Maybe it was the lessons she tried to teach us? I don't know. But whatever it is, I hope to do the same for Nanie.

On another note.

DH is going to happy hour with the "boys" of my family so I'll be with the "girls" of my family. So no drinking tonight for me. I'm the DD. CRAP!

Sunday I'm going to the Charger Game! woot!! I'm sooo not the DD there! I'll post pics Mon. or Tues.