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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Preschool has started!

Today is Nanie's first day of school. She's been so excited to start. We've been talking about it forever it seems.   She did beautifully!! Pulling up to the Church/Preschool I pointed out the VERY COOL playground and OMG, SWINGS!! Right then and there she mentioned "Layna is too little to go to preschool mommy, only me" So proud my big girl was of herself. All smiles she gets out of the car and I hand her her little sign and ask her to say cheese. She did as she was told even though she was itching to go inside.

The security is tight there, there is a coded door and then another door to get in. Nanie was so excited almost jumping up and down when I realized I didn't have the code. We walked the outside of the church for a bit until we saw a teacher. She was a K-8 teacher and didn't have access to the preschool but DID point out one of the teachers who did. I explained that we didn't have a code yet and she explained it should be on our receipt of payment. mean the thing that says I paid something that I already knew I paid?? CRAP! I read front and back of EVERY.STINKING form they had in that packet but I didn't look twice at the receipt. (Way to go MOM)  After explaining that "I must have missed it" she opened the gate with her key.

After entering the gate Nanie was about to make a b-line for the play ground. She was just about to drop her back pack when we explained she had to go inside and meet her teachers. As I'm signing her in she spots the legos! Oh legos We have a love and hate relationship. You keep both my kids occupied with your endless possibilities but do you have to be so small and painful when stepped on?? I digress. We show Nanie to her classroom where she immediately picks up a canister that was neatly organized in a row and tries to open it.  Then we tell her to come on out so she can play with the other kids. Being Nanie she asks "Why". Being a smart cookie the teacher says, "to play with the legos." (I like this lady) So Nanie follows us to the other room where Miss Walker was playing on the floor with the kids (did I mention I like this school).

Nanie makes a b-line for the legos and I ask for a kiss because Mommy and Daddy are going bye bye. Looking at the legos she stands up and wraps her little arms around my legs. She wined "I want Mommy" I bent down to her level and looked her in the eye and told her I'd be back to pick her up, just like at Miss Suzanne's. She slowly made her way back to the legos where she was almost immediately became engulfed in them.  I ended up having to steal a kiss and we left.

I called about 12ish to see how she was doing. The director told me she was doing great. :) I am so very proud of my baby girl.

Elena update- My poor little's is having a hard time with her upper left tooth. I can see it protruding but it's not through. She had the rash of all rashes this weekend and we had to keep her naked most of the day to give her bum time to heal. That was fun...NOT. She is whiny and unruly right now but I know it's her teeth. After a douse of Ibuprofen she is my happy baby again.  Today is her first day EVER at Miss Suzanne's without her sister. Thinking about her missing Nanie makes me want to cry. I know she'll be fine. Her cousins are there today so that makes me feel better. Who am I kidding both my girls are fine, it's ME with the emotional issues LOL. That's ok, I love my girls and I'm not apologizing for it.

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